The MA program in Performing Arts focuses on an interdisciplinary analysis of all forms of spectacular representation and also aims at initiating the student to contemporary performance practice. An important part is dedicated to the development of personal work (seminars, internships, thesis) as well as to direct contact with the professional field, both aiming at providing students with the necessary tools for an intelligent, critical analysis of contemporary performance practice. It aims at understanding the spectular (« liveness ») as an integral part of our society, analysing its role and fonction within global culture, while at the same time investigating its relation with other arts and new media. A practice-based workshop (« Sensibilisation à la pratique artistique ») as well as a compulsory internship (8 weeks or 6 weeks) provide a solid basis for the development of reflexive experience. The MA program also offers the possibility to participate in the so-called Rencontres dramatiques internationales at Pont-à-Moussoin or in the Avignon Festival. The ULB program focuses on the development of professional skills by providing a number of specific courses : a dramaturgy course followed by a workshop of applied dramaturgy, two introductory courses on opera and dance and two optional modules of 15 ECTS each :« Publics et gestion » (15ECTS) or « Critique et Rédaction » (15 ECTS). The European program offers the student the possibility to acquire specific, specialized competences (opera, dance, theatre anthropology, etc) within a network of 11 partner universities. Students will receive an international certificate of this European Master. The Didactic program prepares students for all functions related to education and offers theoretical and practical courses, exercices, tutoring for individual work and internships.